Little Sick Girls ~镜中的偶像~【KR/1.09G】

Game introduction
The hero of the Ming Dynasty in Horyuji, although he graduated from middle school long ago, shows no signs of recovery. So far, he is still keen on comics, swimming and animation, and under the influence of this, his words and deeds are like animated characters, which makes him unbearable to look directly at the second grade youth.
Therefore, although the wise men who are not bad-looking, they have the title of a handsome boy. However, for the wise men who are full of Second Middle School thoughts, they are all “all people don’t understand self-greatness”, so they just laugh it off.
Today, this kind of Ming people also came to the “Game Animation Friendship Meeting” of the Academy, together with the [Que] (Queye Spring) of relatives and friends, and started the heated ACG mouth gun battle as always.
In such a meaningless life of youth, the wise men accidentally learned the secrets of classmates, problem children who are even more unsociable than themselves. And, therefore, was swallowed up instantly by her passionate love.

因而,雖然生得都算唔差嘅明人,卻是有着殘念靚仔嘅稱號。 不過對於中二思想滿載的明人來說,不過都是’凡人們不理解自偉大’的關係,因而只是一笑了之。
就喺噉毫無意義嘅青春度日嘅日子度,明人偶然得知了同班同學,仲要唔合群過自己嘅問題兒童【高井戶流林祚】嘅秘密。 並且因此,被她那狂熱的情愛,給瞬間吞噬。